Dr. Tim Chandler

I teach course work in communication, advertising, media production, portfolio presentation, and film criticism. My passion is finding innovative ways to involve students in projects which allow them to practice the skills they learn in the classroom.

“An Education Enlightened by Faith”
When I teach I try to mentor and minister to the student as a learner, as a person, and as a future professional in the field of their vocational choice. Learning takes place everywhere, all the time. We are surrounded by teachable moments with opportunities to foster understanding and to create a hunger,thirst and curiosity for learning

On this site you will find three examples of these projects; the American Advertising Federation, the Charles Goodnight Buffalo Ranch house restoration project, and Dancing with the Abilene Stars. I enjoy writing a monthly column on advertising for Abilene Biz magazine and will be using this site to link to advertising stories related to my columns.

Visit the Charles Goodnight Historical Center webpage.